Remote Monitoring of Tower Obstruction Lights.

All cell tower operators are responsible for the operation, maintenance, and monitoring of their tower obstruction lights. The FAA and ICAO mandate that towers of varying heights must be equipped with red and/or red and white lights and strobes. Different tower heights require different lighting systems.

tower obstruction lights requirements and monitoring

Compliance with FCC CFR 17.47

The FCC CFR 17.47 pertains to the standards that must be upheld for tower obstruction lights. A Quarterly Lighting Inspection (QLI) and Annual Lighting Inspection (ALI) must be conducted. However, tower operators are able to obtain a waiver from the FCC through the installation of automated monitoring systems. The reduction from quarterly to annual tower light inspections signifies a huge reduction in operational expenses. In 2013 the FCC granted a waiver for Southern Company Services, based on their installation of a tower light monitoring system.

Intelli-Tower Obstruction Light Monitoring

Intelli-Tower provides a solution for remote monitoring of cell tower obstruction lighting. The system is in compliance with the requirements for the FCC QLI waiver.

  • Monitor light operation, intensity, strobe flashes, and voltage.
  • Alerts via SNMP, MQTT, E-Mail, and SMS
  • Generate and cancel NOTAMS
  • Integration with Intelli-Tower BTS tower site monitoring system.

Wireless and Wired Sensors

Intelli-Tower obstruction lights monitoring system utilizes AKCP Wireless Tunnel™ technology. Lower installation costs and scaleable. Start with a monitoring system for your cell tower obstruction lighting, and expand with future needs. Intelli-Tower remote site access control, security, environmental, and power monitoring. A wide range of wired and wireless sensors are available.

Monitor 1000’s Sites In One User Interface

Centralized monitoring of your complete tower lighting infrastructure. Overlay tower sites on geographical maps, drill down to individual sites. Integration to CCTV video camera feeds. Intelli-Tower Server puts you in complete control of your BTS tower sites, ensuring the quality of service, uptime ad helping meet SLA’s for tower operators renting tower space.

Customized site dashboards give an overview of each cell tower operation and the status of tower lights. Monitor 1,000’s towers from a single user interface.

intelli-Tower Server Logo

Customizable Monitoring Solutions

The sensorProbeX+ is a modular device that can be built up with your desired number of dry contacts, I/O’s, relays, and sensor ports. Pay only for the monitoring system you need. Ethernet or Internal cellular data modem for communications, Modbus RS485 for integration with third-party equipment, and 12/24 VDC direct power input and optional mini internal UPS battery backup.

AKCP sensorProbeX+
sensorProbeX+ with cellular modem, 8x sensor ports and 10x I/O contacts

For wireless systems, the Wireless Tunnel™ Gateway (WTG) monitors all your deployed Wireless Tunnel™ Sensors (WTS). The WTG also features an optional modem and mini internal UPS battery backup, as well as two wired sensor ports and Modbus RS485 interface.

AKCP Wireless Tunnel™ Gateway
Wireless Tunnel™ Gateway with the cellular modem