Cell Tower Monitoring Solution

For the cellular communications sector of the telecom industry, cell towers are the primary component of the network. The smooth operation of the telecom tower (BTS towers) has a bearing on the quality of service provided. Cell towers are scattered far and wide across remote areas. Maintaining such a network requires high visibility of the remote cell towers. Therefore telecom tower monitoring solutions are critical.

Monitoring of cell tower sites is a huge challenge. As well as monitoring the operation of critical assets, there is security to consider. Who has access to the sites, the status of backup power systems, batteries, and alarms? Environmental conditions, temperature, water leaks, and airflow should all be monitored.

By deploying a telecom tower monitoring system for BTS towers telecom companies can ensure higher uptime and lower operational costs.

Through the use of IoT sensors, it is possible to get an overview of the entire cell tower infrastructure and drill down to a granular level with a comprehensive view of individual tower sites. Such deep visibility of the tower sites allows for monitoring of on-site assets and maintenance schedules.

BTS tower remote monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Electrical equipment performs better and has an increased lifespan when running at optimal temperatures. Through the monitoring of temperature and humidity site engineers and tower, managers can easily monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures and receive alarms when outside of specified ranges.

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A BTS tower requires continuous power 24/7/365 to be of service to cellular subscribers.  Many are in remote locations, and in some countries suffer from unstable and unreliable mainline power. Preventing power outages is essential. Many tower sites feature backup generators. Remote monitoring of these allows cell tower site operators to check generator status, engine speed, oil pressures, temperature, and runtime hours. This data can be used to schedule preventative maintenance.

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Fuel Tanks

Backup generators need fuel tanks that must hold sufficient quantities to last through power outages. Therefore, the availability of backup generator power systems is reliant solely on the ability to fuel the generators. Remote IoT sensor monitoring checks fuel levels, provides graphs and usage reports. It can identify high consumption related to fuel theft or leakage. Tower operators can also compare fuel deliveries with actual invoices. Sensors can even be used to identify contaminants such as water in fuel tanks.

Tower Obstruction Warning Lights 

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) produces regulations for compliance with the requirements for obstruction warning lights. Tower owners have a legal responsibility to ensure lists are functioning and maintained. Failure to do so can result in heavy penalties. A remote monitoring system can generate automatic reports, perform remote diagnostics and tests as well as control these lights.

Many other countries have similar requirements. In the lack of local legislation, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has produced standards for the placement, quantity, and types of tower obstruction warning lights that should be installed. 

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BTS Tower Site Security

Due to their remote locations, and expensive infrastructure, tower sites can be easy targets for theft. Most common is theft of fuel, but there are rising cases of vandalism and in some countries, terrorists pose threats to the communications network. As such, site security needs to be taken seriously. Intrusion detection, integration to CCTV video camera feeds, motion detection and remote site access control can help manage the security risks and deter potential threats.


The above is a brief introduction to the importance of monitoring telecom tower sites. It gives a flavor of what the Intelli-Tower remote BTS tower monitoring system can do for you. We can help ensure the proper maintenance and functionality of important tower assets such as fuel, generators, power, lights, and shelter equipment. By implementing such a monitoring system tower operators can reduce operating expenses and improve network performance.

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