Telecom tower sites are usually equipped with a BTS tower shelter at the base of the tower. Shelter structures are used to contain the computer and power equipment, backup batteries and so on that are required to operate the tower.

Shelters are constructed in different ways. From lightweight prefabricated structures to steel and concrete. This article will examine the different construction methods for BTS tower shelters.

Some prefabricated structures are equipped off-site, delivered, and “simply plugged in” to the tower. This can save a lot of costs associated with working in remote locations.

Lightweight Tower Shelter Structure

When being installed on rooftops or other difficult to access, but otherwise secure locations, a lightweight structure may be preferred. Wooden frames with plywood covering and can be reinforced by a resin coating. This construction method provides a low-maintenance shelter. They can be installed on a poured concrete base. Often the plywood shelter is supported on steel skids which also incorporate lifting points for delivery into place by cranes or helicopters.

Concrete Shelters

Precast, or cast on-site BTS Telecom Tower Shelter Structure. A reinforced concrete shelter has walls typically 4″ thick and 6″ flooring. Prefabricated structures will include lifting points. Roofing on these shelters would usually be steel sheet metal material with foam insulation. Some concrete shelters feature concrete framing with lightweight foam infill. When properly maintained reinforced concrete shelters can easily have a service life of 50 years.

Shipping Container Tower Shelter

There has been an increase in the use of shipping containers for BTS tower site shelters. Shipping containers provide a ready-made structure, designed to be transported making it easy to deliver to remote sites. They can easily be modified and secured. Shipping containers come in 10, 20, and 40ft sizes depending on the needs. They also do not require a foundation and can be installed on any flat level ground. Companies such as Falcon Structures provide the fabrication and set up of BTS tower shelters from shipping containers.

Off-Site Fabrication of BTS Telecom Tower Shelter Structure

Whatever construction method you choose, fabricating off-site before delivery gives the opportunity to install all the telecoms equipment and test before delivery to the BTS tower site.

BTS Tower Shelter Monitoring and Security

In addition to the shelter structure, it is important to ensure the site and shelter are secure and monitored. Due to the remote nature of BTS tower sites, they are targets for vandalism and theft. Securing the shelter with remote sit access control systems and cameras is essential. Intelli-Tower by AKCP provides such remote site monitoring equipment.


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