About intelli-Tower

intelli-Tower is a division of AKCP, the worlds oldest and largest manufacturer of network-enabled professional sensor solutions.

AKCP has was founded in the USA and has 30+ years of experience in the remote monitoring industry.

Brad Klein – Founder

Founder of AKCP. Brad is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts in Computer Engineering and a veteran of the US Army specializing in Digital Radio. Brad has a history of computer design for companies such as IBM, Hewlett Packard and others. Brad founded AKCP in New Hampshire, USA in 1981. Building upon his experience as a radio engineer and computer designer, AKCP created the world’s first networked environmental monitor for Data Centers. Since that time AKCP has grown with offices around the world. It’s reputation for professional, easy to use tools with great support.

Nick Barrowclough
President – Production Manager

Nick graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BSc in Construction Engineering. He has a passion for technology and is self-taught programmer of apps for iOS devices. Nick joined AKCP in 2005 as technical support manager. Later he oversaw the creation of AKCP Production Facilities in the Philippines. He is actively involved in all aspects of the company from sales and marketing, product design, content writing and web design, as well as overseeing the daily operations of the Production Facilities.

Charles Meyer
Vice President – Engineering Director

Charles is a French engineer, graduated from ISEN Brest. He started his career as a volunteer engineer for the French Polar Institute in the French Southern Territories, then as an embedded software engineer in the aeronautic field for Thales (A400M landing computer, Turbomeca FADEC computer). Charles joined AKCP in 2011 as an embedded software engineer on the securityProbe5ESV. He is now managing the R&D engineering team at AKCP and is the lead hardware designer for all AKCP products.

Gábor Szabó
System Engineer – Testing Manager

Gábor is a Hungarian engineer, graduating from SÀZMALK IT school as best of the class, he enjoys self-learning the latest IT technologies and apply them in real-world scenarios. He worked at the International Business School (IBS) multicultural university as System Administrator for several years (2007-2012), helping hundreds of students and teachers and managing the school’s mid-size Active Directory domain before moving to Thailand. Gábor joined AKCP in early 2014 as IT System Engineer, to manage the company’s IT infrastructure. Since then he is also part of the customer support team. As Testing Manager he is in charge of the Thailand testing team assisting the R&D engineering team testing new hardware and software as well as producing product documentation.

Scott Farnum
Technical Support Manager

Scott was employed by Microsoft in early 1980 where he worked in the operational & production divisions for several years. He then moved on to the Boeing Company plant in Everett, Washington for 10 years where he was assigned to support IT and the new networking technology for the Boeing 747, 767 and 777 engineering and production lines. Scott joined AKCP in May of 2008. He currently supervises technical support issues for all AKCP product lines including base units, sensors, Wireless Tunnel™ and AKCPro Server. He also coordinates support between customers, over 300 of our worldwide dealers and our engineers.